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Cikel predavanj Famnitovi Biološki večeri 2023/24.

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Prvo predavanje z naslovom "Kritičen pogled na uveljavljanje koncepta ekosistemskih storitev v Evropi in Sloveniji," bo izvedel
Anže Japelj, Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije,

v sredo, 11. oktobra 2023, ob 19.00, preko videokonferenčne povezave ZOOM. 


“Širok spekter tematik s področja aktualnih in aplikativnih raziskav biodiverzitete”


To be stressed or not to be stressed – Antioxidants for plants and humans

Sreda, 6. december 2023, ob 19.00, ZOOM

About lecture:

Antioxidants help us stay healthy and prevent damage. This may sound familiar to you. In advertisements for improving the immune system, such statements are often used. Antioxidants are chemical compounds with the power to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals can grab an electron from other molecules, which may help in cellular communication or, if they exceed a certain limit of tolerance, lead to damaged DNA, leaking cells, and other serious problems. The human body can produce some antioxidants, such as glutathione, and others need to be taken up by food. We will learn how plant antioxidants work in plants and humans in the first part of this lecture. In the second part, Anna Gasperl will explain how antioxidants can be detected in plant cells and how relocating antioxidants between cell compartments helps plants deal with unfavorable conditions.

About lecturer:

Anna Gasperl is a plant physiologist and external lecturer at the Institute of Biology, University of Graz. She has been a university assistant in the Stress- and Cellbiology of Plants group (2018-2021). She graduated from the University of Graz in 2006 in Biodiversity and Ecology, obtained her Master’s degree in Botany in 2009, including field work in South Africa (Stellenbosch University) and completed her doctoral studies in adaptation of perennial ryegrass‘ sugar metabolism to cold and hormonal treatments in 2017, with research stays in France (University of Caen). She worked in science education for the Botanical Garden Graz, Natural History Museum Graz, Frutura Fruit and Vegetable Academy. Maria Müller and Anna Gasperl study plant stress tolerance to changes in light or water supply and pathogens (Zucchini yellow mosaic virus) and how plants physiologically adapt to unfavorable conditions. These adaptations include information exchange (signaling) and relocation of antioxidants between cell compartments.