Univerza na Primorskem Fakulteta za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije

Cikel predavanj Famnitovi Biološki večeri 2021/22 je zaključen.

“Širok spekter tematik s področja aktualnih in aplikativnih raziskav biodiverzitete”


Strange presences in the Tuscan Archipelago, two study cases on alien (and invasive?) lizard and snake

Wednesday, 20 April 2022, at 19:00


Zoogeographical aspects of reptile distribution in the Tuscan Archipelago (Northern Thyrrenian Sea) show remarkable interesting matters for many of the herpetological fauna. The recent unexpected presence of Podarcis siculus on the Gorgona island was described, including the putative continental origin (genetic data) and actual density and distribution on that island (N-Mixture model simulations). On Montecristo island, on the contrary, the supposed endemic viper (Vipera aspis montecristi, now Vipera aspis hugyi), has recognized as actively introduced in historical times, from Sicily, to be used as a theriaca component.

Marco Alberto Luca Zuffi

Born on 1960, a degree in Natural Sciences in 1983, PhD in Evolutionary Biology in 2007. Curator of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at the Natural History Museum, University of Pisa, Calci (Pisa), Italy, since 1988. Founder of the Italian Society of Herpetology, member of the European Herpetological Society (past General Secretary). Expert in functional morphology, ecology and behaviour of Squamates and Chelonians. Author and coauthor of about 100 impact factor papers, and more than 150 other scientific papers (peer review, volume chapters, proceedings, etc.). Tutor of more than 100 students.